Data Doodads

This was originally posted on my first blog, Data vs Food, in May 2018

If I’m looking on twitter I’ll often spot something, be it a comment, website, article, visualisation or whatever and think “that looks interesting, I’ll go back and look at that in more detail later”. Sometimes I remember to go back and look, sometimes I don’t.

I felt like I needed somewhere to put these links. Putting them on my blog made perfect sense, it also gave me a chance for some silly alliteration, hence the slightly nonsensical title. I’m going to try and do this monthly (or when it looks like I’ve got too many bookmarks). It’s mainly for my benefit, but others may find it useful. Links will be whatever I’ve come across recently and won’t necessarily be to brand new content.

This is purely related to data visualisation, though I reserve the right to include links to any recipes I’ve cooked that turned out well (with photos of course). So here’s a list of things I’ve found online that I’ve thought are either interesting or useful:

Data + Science Create Vector Graphics & High Res Images of your Tableau Visualizations 

If you’re ever thinking of printing out a visualisation, this is the place to find out how best to do it.

Data + Science Tableau Reference Guide

This is one of the best summaries I’ve seen that cover all things Tableau.

Hadley Wickham Tidy Data

The difference between cleaning data and tidying data

Tableau Starter Kits

I didn’t know this existed. I wish I’d found out earlier

Data Revelations Getting your survey data “just so” using Tableau prep

It’s probably time I got used to Tableau Prep, I also work with survey data on occasion so this is doubly useful.

Tableau Designing Efficient Workbooks

This whitepaper has been on my list of things to look at for ages

Steve Schoger Refactoring UI

A really elegant example of looking at data in a different way


Below are a few of my favourite visualisations that I’ve seen recently on twitter.

Though I haven’t included any from the latest Iron Viz feeder on Books & literature as the list would get far too long. If you haven’t looked at any of those, I highly recommend you check them out, they’re stunning.

And now for the cooking bit

I made some bread after a long baking hiatus and I think it turned out pretty well.

I will admit that I cooked this on some really crappy baking parchment, unfortunately the dough was quite sticky and glued itself to the parchment during cooking. Better baking parchment, a bit of oil or a dusting of flour on the parchment would probably have helped.

The recipe I used is one for a white cob but I got a little confused with the shaping instructions. I found a video for a white bloomer and went with that instead.


And check out the even bake I got!