Ideas, Inspiration, Learning from a Community

This was originally posted on my first blog, Data vs Food, in October 2018

I spoke at the London Tableau User Group on 4th October 2018 about how the Tableau community is a huge resource for ideas and learning. I went through, where some of my inspiration has come from, and how I’ve used these ideas in the workplace.

Watch my talk here

Download the slides from my talk

Below are all the links to the various sources of inspiration that I quoted in my talk. The social data projects that I’ve taken part in are at the top as I think they’re the most important and most relevant.

Social Data Projects

Makeover Monday

Workout Wednesday

Storytelling with Data Challenge

Iron Viz (2018 Schedule)

Sports Viz Sunday

Viz for Social Good

Links from other slides

My Tableau Public Profile

Three Point Ballers, Rody Zakovich

Dynamic Visualisations, Chris Love

The Housing Market Rollercoaster, Tristan Guillevin

Understanding Tableau’s layout containers, Elena Hristova

Things I know about Tableau layout containers, Curtis Harris

How to build a marimekko chart in Tableau, Jonathan Drummey

Practical Tableau Tips with Ryan Sleeper

The Tableau Blog

FT Data – Twitter

The Economist Data Team – Twitter

Tableau User Groups